Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shout Outs & Love Outs

It’s been an intense period of busy-ness for me. So busy that I have had no time to take photos at all. And a lot of people are asking about that. So I’ll be taking a hiatus for a while, but it’s a shame to see what has become quite a little community on streetandcityphotos go to waste. The site still, amazingly, has about 20-30,000 hits a month. 

AND SO! IF a label or product would like something of a shout out, email me, and I’ll see what I think, and post those. it might be a chance to diversify out a little too. So don't just think fashion or style. 

On that note, as it happens, I am quite liking Empire of Genius, which launched their first collection - Slasher - in Wellington recently. New Zealand’s “latest luxury handbag and accessory label.” Tymone Winter was showcasing The Empire of Genius pieces ranging from hand tooled leather bags and accessories to tailored pencil skirts and draped white silk pantsuits.

 Courtenay Hill-Scott in hand tooled 'Knifed' black leather jacket, Olivia Poppe in, hand tooled 'Knifed' black leather poncho, kimono cape dress and Tarikura Kapea in white hand tooled 'Leather lace' box top, and white hand tooled 'Leather lace' scarf and 'Lucky' handbag. Michael Farr photography.

 Rhiannon Purves in hand cut 'Slashed and looped' leather scarf, Georgia van den Eykel in hand tooled white 'Leather lace' scarf, and Sequoia Etti in hand cut and smocked 'Slashed and Stitched' black leather jacket. Michael Farr photography.

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