Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The classic Ray Ban

Top Gun. Blues Brothers. Reservoir Dogs. Risky. Before that, Peter Fonda, even James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. Ray Bans. What a Movie-Fashion Sunglass! Yet the Ray Ban actually has a military background dating back to the mid 1920’s. As planes were able to go higher, the issue of glare came more pronounced. So, a specific anti glare ‘aviator’ ray ban sunglass was born. A huge pedigree, it kind of fell out of favour in the 1990’s but is back in a fairly big way. The Aviator especially, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the style. But I did have the the pleasure of being sent a pair of Ray Bans, and I chose the Ray ban Club Master..seen here in a very rare online outing of me. And I do like these ones a lot.

“ The versatile Ray-Ban RB4190 Clubmaster Square 878/51 sunglasses really give that finish to anything you wear. The durable Metal ensures that your sunglasses stay with you year after year as well as always remaining comfortable.

The smartbuyglasses team have compiled quite the array (actually a huge catalogue) of glasses. Check it for yourself. Comes with a good case, cleaner and cloth. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

clarice said...

lovely brand of sunglasses! +1 on Google plus also!