Friday, October 31, 2014

A Clean Fragrance.

A clean fragrance.

What IS that smell ? My wife asks.

What do you mean?

WHAT is that smell ?

Why ?

I LOVE IT, says Tabitha. My wife Tab is one with a well honed nose for any fragrance, and was intrigued about a new scent I’d just sprayed on. ‘Clean’ is the word I’d use, she said. I usually wear musky, woody heavy scents, so this one was a real change.

Artisan, by John Varvatos. Nope. I’d never heard of it either. According to the press it has Sicilian Clementines mixed with Juicy Tangelo, it has taut herbal accents of Wild Thyme, Majoram, solar floral notes of Indian Murraya…and on and on..I’m not going to read the rest.  

The packaging and the bottle is cool. And we know a lot of is ALL about the bottle. The cane detail, and the heavy metal cap is nice.

John Varvatos. Who is he you say? You might well ask. He is a US designer, who joined Polo Ralph Lauren in 1984, went over to be head of Calvin Klein menswear in 1990, and went back to be head of menswear at Ralph Lauren in 1995.

In 2000 he launched his Menswear collection and won the Perry Ellis Award for new Menswear designer. Last year he was honoured at the Style Awards during NY Fashion Week  - Menswear designer of the year. With his CK and Ralph Lauren background I can totally see where he is coming from with this fragrance. Cleeeeeeaaan. I like it. A good day scent. It is under the Elizabeth Arden umbrella, and stocked exclusively at certain Farmers stores.

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