Monday, December 8, 2014

Champagne Supernovas

Here is one for the Christmas basket. It’s a tale of three people, lives intertwined, and who in their own way, set fashion on a new direction. Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs. Stories aplenty in Maureen Callahan’s book, called Champagne Supernovas – and the 90’s renegades who made fashion. My favourite was the upstart from the wrong end of town  - a young McQueen, who walks into the prestigious Central St Martins School of Fashion, goes up to reception and asks to see the Principal because he wants a placement. The Principal, well, she was astonished, the board unimpressed. No portfolio, no nothing. But he got in. It’s a great read. I interviewed Callahan on Sunday Morning RNZ, click here for the podcast (scroll down the list).   

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