Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Just Do Something...Sit There.

I always find New Year a time for reflection, both on how my year has been, and what I’d like out of the next year. No doubt that’s true of many. But it's been a tradition for me to take an A4 bit of paper to a park somewhere, and jot down a few nuggets on how I can change things, or remind myself of what’s important. A few pieces from a book I wrote last year, called Don't Just sit there do something  - A manifesto for the slow living life:

- Create a goal. What is your ONE goal for 2015. Make it realizable. I've set myself a goal every year. My goal many years ago was to publish a book.

- Eat at the table every so often. In front of the tele - nothing wrong with that. But turning the TV off and sitting around the table once a week is a great habit to get into.

- Gadgets out of the bedroom. Its harder said than done. We have a couple of nights a week where all electronic gadgets are banned - its just too easy to wile away the hours flicking night after night through social media.

- Treat alcohol with respect. It's quiet a social crutch in our society. Learning how to create friendships without the winesies is a pretty worthwhile thing to do. Afternoon teas on the deck...meeting at the gallery; Other ways of catching up with friends are pretty awesome too.

- Keep track of spending. No matter what your income, money has the capacity to leave you the moment it arrives. This sale here. That sale there. Make a budget, try and stick to it...and attempt to arrive at the year's end with a small surplus in savings. Household expenses are high…but at the least, try.

- Sit and do nothing. Every so often just sit in a park, on a bench, and listen to the sounds around you.

...Just a few reminders of what you most probably already do. Have a great 2015.

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