Sunday, May 3, 2015

Top 10 Fashion albums covers...#10

Just to mix things up a little on the site, I thought I’d put into the mix what I think to be the ten best fashion album covers of all time. And one of them, surely has to be this. Lionel “owns” yacht rock here, and by God he knows it. Hands half in, and half out of white trousers (hard to pull off), nice gold watch as the only jewellery in sight (Rolex of course) and then of course..the sweater. But you don’t don a sweater in this era and not have the pink collars showing. It all merges to say I’m more than casual, I’m super casual, and my music is super casual, and if you put this onto the turntable, you too can have a super casual evening. In only the way a Lionel Richie album can do. Fave fashion album covers ? Let me know.  

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