Friday, December 23, 2016

Five last minute gift ideas

I was asked by Heart of the City to put together a top 5 gift selection. So if you need to do some last minute gift giving for your partner, or wife and husband, or kids, or that close friend that has always been there for you, here are a few suggestions.

 Vinyl – Marbecks  $45

The music retail scene is going through huge changes, but one notable change is the return of one of the oldest music listening forms. The good old vinyl record. Yep, way before spotify, or CD’s people would collect these items with a passion. Marvel at the cover art for hours, reading the sleeve notes. Well, records are back in quite a big way, and with it the re-release of some of the classics. For superb listening you cant go past ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles – considered one of the greatest albums of all time. 

Pocket Square – Crane Brothers  $ 100

For a guy, it’s the idea accompaniment to a blazer or suit. Whether it be adding a little something to a suit for a day at the races, or to a blazer and shorts for a summers evening at dinner party, a pocket square never fails to refresh an existing look. And I’m always a sucker for polka dots. 

Life on Instagram – Unity Books  $65

Photography has been a huge hobby in the last few years. People donning their camera, and getting out on the street. However, Instagram has changed everything. With some very cool apps available, this photo app has given everyone the ability to record those little moments at a whim. This book celebrates those little touches in ordinary everyday life, from people around the world.

Lacoste shoes  - Ben Sherman $299

This heritage brand is a must have in every guy’s wardrobe. The clean lines and feel of Lacoste shoes, to me, screams a summer game of petanque, a couple of craft beers, and some tuna and cucumber sandwhiches. Very discreet, not too loud, but an evergreen shoe in the summer fashion lineup. 

Bohemian chocolates  - $24 for a box of 9

Part of Christmas is giving your friends a little something just to say, thanks for being a part of your year. Here’s a gift that won’t break the bank, it’s thoughtful, and who doesn’t love locally made and sourced chocolates. Bohemian chocolates are handily situated in the revamped O Connell Street CBD. 

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